This is a homepage of Audio Watermarking Tools (AWT) — robust audio & sound watermarking and steganography software solutions and services based on a proprietary patented* DSP technology.

AWT solutions provide ways to back-trace distribution of audio content, prevent piracy, authenticate recipients, license the content digitally, embed and hide digital data for forensic purposes, track and monitor broadcasts by means of audio, enforce digital rights and more.

Audio back-tracing and authentication
Audio watermarking
Over-the-air sound signaling
Anti-piracy protection
Broadcast monitoring
Secure music distribution
Watermarked delivery
Interaction via sound
Uncompressed domain watermarking
Watermarking SAAS
Digital licensing and DRM
Acoustic steganography

Digital audio watermarking allows to imperceptibly embed (hide) secret digital signature (digital code) into acoustic content so that this information cannot be removed without damaging the original audio quality. The embedded inaudible information can be retrieved and used to verify authenticity of the audio content, identity of its owners or recipients, or serve as event trigger.

Five different core audio watermarking software products are offered:


AWT1 – simple digital audio watermarking solution with insane robustness
High grade robustness. Simple and effective.


>>> AWT2 – flagship digital audio watermarking solution<<<
Industrial grade performance, robustness, features and scalability. Reliable hidden “digital signing” for multipurpose use.


AWT3 – far-field over-the-air acoustic triggering and signaling
Especially designed for over-the-air applications.


AWT4 – time-precise digital stamping and triggering
For triggering and signaling over digital and analog audio channels with high timing accuracy.


AWT0 (AWT-Zero) – inaudible signaling over lossless audio PCM channels
Watermarking of extremely short wave files and triggering over completely lossless audio channels

In addition to the above core software technologies, audio watermarking is also offered as a completely FREE web-service via - secure, watermarked audio delivery platform
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(*) U.S. Patent No. 8,116,514