Robust and reliable digital audio watermarking, sound steganography and triggering
for effective anti-piracy, authentication, tracking and monitoring of audio content
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This is a homepage of Audio Watermarking Tools (AWT) — robust sound watermarking and steganography software solutions based on a proprietary patented* technology. The tools come in form of file-to-file console (CLI) applications with intuitive GUI front-end. The tools are cross-platform, easy to use on workstations and are quickly deployable in server environments. AWT are free to try.

Digital audio watermarking allows to imperceptibly embed (hide) digital signature (digital code) into audio content (wave file) so that this information cannot be removed without damaging the original audio quality. The embedded inaudible information can be retrieved and used to verify authenticity of the audio content, identity of its owners or recipients, or serve as event trigger.

Three different audio watermarking products are offered:

Audio Watermarking Tools 2 (AWT2) — a watermarking solution realizing so called "blind watermarking" approach in the sense that the watermark can be extracted directly from the watermarked audio recording (the source audio is not needed). Details, examples, FAQ and free demo >>>

Audio Watermarking Tools 1 (AWT1) — a watermarking solution realizing so called "strict watermarking" approach in the sense that the source (not watermarked) audio data is required in order to find and decode watermark in the watermarked recording. Watermark extraction is performed by “comparing” source and watermarked streams. Details, examples, FAQ and free demo >>>

Audio Watermarking Tools 3 (AWT3) — an audio trigger codes and watermarking solution especially designed for using in acoustic front-end applications requiring transmission of digital codes over-the-air (e.g. retail stores) and also in so called "second screen" applications. Details and demo (including Android app allowing to detect watermarks over-the-air) are available upon request. More information >>>

Brief product comparison chart:
Decoder needs source (not watermarked) audio to find/extract watermark Yes No No
Cross-platform software (Windows, Linux, Mac OS) Yes Yes Yes
User-friendly GUI for desktop OS Yes Yes No
Command line (CLI) tools for easy automation and scripting on servers Yes Yes Yes
SDK available (Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, Android) No Yes Yes
SDK real-time audio streams encoding capabilities No Yes Partial
Suitable for "second screen" applications No Partially Yes
Detailed documentation Yes Yes Yes
Overal watermarks robustness Very high Very high High
Watermarks are inaudible (imperceptible) Yes Yes Yes
Watermarks survive time-stretching (playback speed variation) No Yes No
Watermarks survive lossy transcosing (MP3, Youtube, etc.) Yes Yes Partially
Watermarks survive air-transducing Yes Partially Yes (extremely robust)
Watermark payload length Up to 20 bytes** Up to 120 bytes** Up to 30 bytes**
Dual-layer watermarking capabilities (two independent watermarks in one stream) No Yes Partially
Precise time-synchronization/stamping capabilities No Partially (+/- 5 sec) Partially (+/- 1 sec)
Encoding speed Very high Very high High
Suitable for live broadcast monitoring (easy automated watermarks search) No Yes Yes
Suitable for audio recording and production studios, labels, etc. Yes Yes No
Suitable for audio distribution and sale services, web-stores Yes Yes No
Free evaluation package available Yes Yes Yes
Android app available No Yes Yes


(*) U.S. Patent No. 8,116,514
(**) subject to limitations in different packages