Audio Watermarking Tools is a family of digital audio watermarking software solutions. The family consists of several different technologies, each having its unique features and capabilities, thus making them applicable in different applications and use-cases.

Audio Watermarking Tools 1 (AWT1) — a watermarking, "digital signing" solution realizing so called "strict watermarking" approach in the sense that the source (not watermarked) audio data is required in order to find and decode watermark in the watermarked recording. Watermark extraction is performed by “comparing” source and watermarked streams. Simple and effective watermarking solution demonstrating extreme, insane watermark robustness.
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Audio Watermarking Tools 2 (AWT2) — flagship watermarking, "digital signing" solution in the AWT family. AWT2 realizes so called "blind watermarking" approach in the sense that the watermark can be extracted directly from the watermarked audio recording, the source audio is not needed for watermark detection and extraction. AWT2 provides industrial grade performance, features, robustness and data rate. Designed for anti-piracy, monitoring, tracing and forensic purposes over digital and analog audio channels.
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Audio Watermarking Tools 3 (AWT3) — an audio triggerring and signalling solution especially designed to use in acoustic front-end applications requiring reliable transmission of digital triggering codes over-the-air (e.g. second-screen, kick-shopping applications). Details and demo, including Android app allowing to detect arbitrary watermarks over-the-air, are available upon request.
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Audio Watermarking Tools 4 (AWT4) — an audio triggering, signalling and watermarking solution providing time-precise "digital stamping" with high data rate. Allows placing/extracting capacious digital codes in audio streams at precise time places to trigger time- and data-specific events with very high timing accuracy (~30ms).
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Detailed AWT products comparison chart:

Applications AWT1 AWT2 AWT3 AWT4
Reliable, robust watermarking and "digital signing" mean for authentication, anti-piracy, back-tracking and forensic purposes Yes Yes No Partially
Data-hiding, data-transmission mean for general purposes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Applications requiring reliable over-the-air sound transmission/triggering (for second-screen uses) No No Yes Yes
Live broadcast monitoring (easy/fast automated watermarks search) No Yes Yes Yes
Events triggering by signalling via audio stream No Yes Yes Yes
Algorithm characterization AWT1 AWT2 AWT3 AWT4
Decoder needs source (not watermarked) audio to find/extract watermark Yes No No No
Overal watermarks robustness Very high, insane Very high High High
Watermarks are inaudible Yes Yes Yes Yes
Watermarks survive time-stretching (playback speed variation) No Yes Partially Yes
Watermarks survive tracks mixing Yes Partially Partially Partially
Watermarks survive lossy transcoding (MP3, Youtube, etc.) Yes Yes Partially (not with all lossy codecs) Yes
Watermarks reliably survive air-transducing (sound transmission over the air) Yes Partially (on short distances) Yes (even on long distances) Yes (with proper settings)
Watermarks can be used for over-the-air triggering No No Yes (even on long distances) Yes (with proper settings)
"Low-power" (not CPU consuming) watermark detection No No Yes No
Watermarks are fully secret and cannot be detected by expert signal inspection Yes Yes No No
Watermark payload length Up to 20 bytes* Up to 120 bytes* Up to 30 bytes* up to 48 bytes*
Multi-layer watermarking capabilities (multiple independent watermarks in one stream) No Yes, dual-layer Partially Yes, multiple layers
Time-accurate watermark placement and detection No ~8s precision ~150 ms precision ~30 ms precision
Default/typical watermark carrier frequency region Low+mid range, fixed Low+mid range, fixed Ultra-sonic, configurable Fully configurable
Types of watermarks that can co-exist in the same stream AWT3, AWT4 AWT3, AWT4 AWT1, AWT2, AWT4 AWT1, AWT2, AWT3
Encoding speed Very high Very high High Very high
Software and Deliverables AWT1 AWT2 AWT3 AWT4
Free evaluation package available Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cross-platform software (Windows, Linux, Mac OS, mobiles) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Command line (CLI) file-to-file tools for easy automation and scripting on servers Yes Yes Yes Yes
User-friendly GUI for desktop OS Yes Yes No No
SDK available No Yes Yes Yes
SDK with real-time audio streams encoding capabilities No Yes Partial Yes
Detailed documentation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Android app available No Yes Yes No

(*) subject to limitations in different packages