RTV Slovenija Licenses AFT Technology

RTV Slovenija Licenses AFT Technology to Streamline Audio Content Management

www.audiowatermarking.com – March 15th, 2023 – RTV Slovenija, Slovenia’s national public broadcasting organization, has chosen to integrate AFT technology into its audio content management, monitoring, and archival system. AFT, an acoustic fingerprinting (hashing) solution, allows for reliable acoustic matching, comparison, and identification of audio through highly representative and resistant fingerprints.

By implementing AFT, RTV Slovenija will be able to streamline its internal processes related to monitoring and managing audio recordings used in various TV and radio broadcasts. This technology will help to improve the overall quality of RTV Slovenija’s audio content and ensure a better experience for its viewers and listeners.

For further information on AFT’s audio fingerprinting solution, please visit www.audiowatermarking.com.

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AWT5 adds support for ultrasonic signaling

Introducing the next generation of AWT5 audio watermarking technology. AWT5 now supports both the audible frequency range and ultrasonic signaling, providing unmatched flexibility and versatility. With AWT5, you can transmit information over both the audible and ultrasonic frequency ranges while maintaining the integrity of the original audio signal. Moreover, with ultrasonic signaling capabilities, you can now transmit information without audible audio, via “silent” sound waves. AWT5’s new capability replaces AWT3’s ultrasonic signaling and takes it to a whole new level.

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SkyView Networks licenses AWT technology

26 January, 2022 // www.audiowatermarking.com — Skyview Networks LLC, a leading U.S. broadcast technology company, is licensing AWT technology to be incorporated into its content distribution services and infrastructure. AWT is a digital signaling solution that enables ancillary digital data to be embedded into distributed audio content. The ability to enrich audio content with ancillary data significantly enhances Skyview’s tools to deliver the most feature-rich content and guarantee the best experience to its customers and end-users.

Detailed information on AWT audio watermarking and sound signaling solutions: www.audiowatermarking.com.

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AWT5 — new watermarking solution in the AWT family

AudioWatermarking announces availability of its new audio watermarking and signaling solution — AWT5.

Audio Watermarking Tools 5 (AWT5) is an audio trigger and watermarking solution especially designed for reliable far-field over-the-air digital signaling. AWT5 applications include “second screen” synchronization, interactivity and interaction via sound, “kick-shopping”, distant triggering, events initiation, and other applications implying transmission of digital codes over-the-air by means of acoustic sound waves. AWT5 is based on a unique and fully proprietary technique of hiding data inside acoustic audio content. AWT5 codes reliably withstand transmission over the air (from loudspeakers to microphone), lossy audio coding (e.g. MP3, Youtube) and room reverberations (e.g. living rooms, halls). AWT5 triggering occurs with high timing accuracy. AWT5 replaces AWT2 in applications requiring reliable over-the-air detection, AWT5 also replaces AWT3 in applications implying transmission of lossy-compressed sound over the air (e.g. FM radio, TV broadcasts, YouTube, etc.).

More information: https://audiowatermarking.info/awt5

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Major AWT2 Technology Update

AudioWatermarking.info announces a major update of its AWT2 audio watermarking technology, v0.14.01.

  • New default “medium capacity” mode (expanding the existing “normal” and “high” capacities); the new mode provides the most optimal balance between watermark transparency, robustness and data-rate
  • New type of checksum used in the raw (low-level) watermark payload, providing significantly improved robustness and lower error rate
  • The encoder now supports audio stream watermarking directly from command line / console. It can take PCM audio stream from the standard input (stdin) and send encoded (watermarked) audio data to the standard output (stdout), real-time.  
  • Completely rewritten decoder with improved detection accuracy and smarter decoding logic
  • Presets of settings optimized for different types of audio content and offering different
  • Completely rewritten SDK, now with native stream decoding and stream encoding functionality

Details and more information at www.audiowatermarking.info.

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UBT licenses AWT technology

UBT (http://universalbusinessteam.com) is a service provider offering its Audio and Video Streaming System to its various customers. The system is designed to allow managing, sharing and streaming audio and video content. UBT has licensed the AWT watermarking software to incorporate it within system as a monitoring and back-tracing mean.

UBT website: http://universalbusinessteam.com

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NOTA licenses AWT technology

Nota (http://nota.dk), a Danish Library and expertise center for people with blindness and low vision, licenses AWT technology to incorporate it within its system and workflow.

Nota website: https://nota.dk/om-nota/english

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Artinii licenses AWT technology

Artinii (https://artinii.com), a community-driven film distribution company, licenses AWT technology to incorporate it within its system and workflow. AWT engine helps to protect company’s releases.

Artinii website: https://artinii.com

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Audio Fingerprinting Tools (AFT) update

AudioWatermarking.info (http://audiowatermarking.info) announces a new release of its Audio Fingerprinting Tools (AFT) — a proprietary, patented acoustic fingerprinting and audio matching solution. AFT has reached a stable release version, v0.02.18. The latest version brings the following new features and improvements:

– faster and more accurate identification thanks to improved core search mechanisms
– more accurate results with huge audio databases (containing millions of audio recordings)
– ability to handle large metadata
– various fixes and improvements

For more details refer to: http://audiowatermarking.info/aft_main.php

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AcousTech Music licenses AWT technology

AcoustTech Music Production (http://acoustechmusic.com) licenses AWT technology to incorporate it within its system and workflow. AWT engine helps to efficiently monitor and back-trace audio materials of the company.

AcousTech website: http://acoustechmusic.com

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