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Interview with TrustedAudio at NoizeField

Talk-Zone #45 Interview with TrustedAudio

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Collaboration announcement with Coval

Announcing collaboration with Coval:

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AWT3 new release

AWT3, over-the-air signalling and triggering technology, has been updated. The new release features improved, more light-weight decoder function with signal time/speed-variation support. For more details, please contact AWT3 developer.

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I’m glad to announce that opens its doors for beta-testing. TrustedAudio (TA) is a professional web-based tool that provides an easy and reliable way to share, deliver, and distribute audio files securely by means of watermarking and digital signing. … Continue reading

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AWT2 0.11.0 and AWT1 1.2.7 have been released

AWT2 0.11.0 is a major technology update. – (decoder) redesigned and rewritten watermark detection engine; watermark search in non-watermarked audio is now 7-10 times faster, without compromising the reliability of watermark extraction. – (decoder, CLI) -stop_on_found command line parameter has … Continue reading

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AWT4 – new technology in AWT family announces release of AWT4 – an audio triggering, signalling and watermarking solution providing time-precise “digital stamping” with high data rate. The technology allows placing/extracting capacious digital codes in audio streams at precise time places to trigger time- and data-specific … Continue reading

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AWT2 0.10.03 with dual-layer watermarking has been released

AWT2 0.10.03 is a major technology upgrade. AWT2 now natively supports Dual-Layer watermarking. Two independent watermarks can be embedded into the same audio stream at different stages of audio content distribution. Dual-layer watermarking is available in both AWT2 CLI tools … Continue reading

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New white paper: Spectral Barcode Audio Watermarking (SBAW)

I published an open paper that describes a little crazy (but seems to be novel) idea of combining digital sound and QR codes together. The paper briefly describes a new approach that brings quite effective and easy data hiding and … Continue reading

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New AWT2 SDK supports real-time streams encoding

New AWT2 SDK (0.10.00) is a complete rework of the core encoding engine. It now supports real-time live audio streams encoding with low latency. – Fully rewritten encoder code, backwards/forwards compatible with older decoders – faster encoding, dramatically reduced encoder … Continue reading

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AWT2 signs creativity…

… digitally! World’s first limited edition 808 kick drum by has been digitally signed by AWT2. You can visit the project web-page for more details…

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