AWT1 2.0.0 – new generation of AWT1 announces a new generation of its patented AWT1 technology.

Version 2.0.0 of AWT1 brings the following improvements and features:

  • Completely re-designed encoding (watermarking) engine
  • SDK for real-time (live) audio streams watermarking is now available: low latency, all typical sampling rates are supported (from 8 up to 192 KHz), fast, low RAM; The SDK is cross-platform and is available in a form of linkable object library
  • Significantly improved watermarking transparency, new “-quality” parameter for transparency adjustment
  • Rewritten from scratch, new file encoder (watermarker): much faster files processing, low RAM consumption, support for compound payloads, adjustable watermarking transparency, adjustable output limiter
  • Improved watermark search/extraction by the decoder

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