AWT3 new release

AWT3, over-the-air signalling and triggering technology, has been updated. The new release features improved, more light-weight decoder function with signal time/speed-variation support.

For more details, please contact AWT3 developer.

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I’m glad to announce that opens its doors for beta-testing.

TrustedAudio (TA) is a professional web-based tool that provides an easy and reliable way to share, deliver, and distribute audio files securely by means of watermarking and digital signing.

At this stage, public registration is closed, but you can ask for invite by leaving your request via the Contacts form on the TA website or just sending mail with request to mailbox /at/ trustedaudio /dot/ com.

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VRT licenses AWT technology

VRT (, The Flemish Radio and Television Broadcasting Organization of Belgium, licenses AWT technology to incorporate it within its broadcast monitoring system.

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AWT2 0.11.0 and AWT1 1.2.7 have been released

AWT2 0.11.0 is a major technology update.

– (decoder) redesigned and rewritten watermark detection engine; watermark search in non-watermarked audio is now 7-10 times faster, without compromising the reliability of watermark extraction.
– (decoder, CLI) -stop_on_found command line parameter has been modified, it now allows specifying -stop_on_found=N to stop after N slices with found watermarks.
– (decoder) -fast_scan mode is now more reliable
– various speed improvements and optimizations

AWT1 1.2.7 features several bug-fixes.


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Inflyteapp, CBT Nuggets license AWT technology

Inflyteapp ( a mobile music promo platform, and CBT Nuggets (, a leading  video training provider, license AWT audio watermarking technology of for using in their digital content delivery platforms.

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AWT4 – new technology in AWT family announces release of AWT4 – an audio triggering, signalling and watermarking solution providing time-precise “digital stamping” with high data rate. The technology allows placing/extracting capacious digital codes in audio streams at precise time places to trigger time- and data-specific events with high timing accuracy (~30ms).

Product page.


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AWT2 0.10.03 with dual-layer watermarking has been released

AWT2 0.10.03 is a major technology upgrade. AWT2 now natively supports Dual-Layer watermarking. Two independent watermarks can be embedded into the same audio stream at different stages of audio content distribution. Dual-layer watermarking is available in both AWT2 CLI tools and AWT2 SDK.

Full AWT2 changes log.

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New white paper: Spectral Barcode Audio Watermarking (SBAW)

I published an open paper that describes a little crazy (but seems to be novel) idea of combining digital sound and QR codes together. The paper briefly describes a new approach that brings quite effective and easy data hiding and watermarking technique to general public through the use of QR codes (or similar bar-codes).

Read the paper: Alex Radzishevsky, Visual Domain Audio Watermarking (VDAW) and Spectral Barcode Audio Watermarking (SBAW), February 2014.

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New AWT2 SDK supports real-time streams encoding

New AWT2 SDK (0.10.00) is a complete rework of the core encoding engine. It now supports real-time live audio streams encoding with low latency.

– Fully rewritten encoder code, backwards/forwards compatible with older decoders
– faster encoding, dramatically reduced encoder memory consumption
– completely new cross-platform SDK with real-time, low latency live audio stream encoding functionality
– fully thread safe SDK
– improved signal limiter with configurable attack/release times

The new SDK is available now.

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Audiosocket licenses AWT2

Audiosocket ( had licensed Audio Watermarking Tools 2 (AWT2) of for using it in the core of the company’s content delivery and digital rights management system known as “Audiosocket LicenseID”.
Read more about LicenseID here.

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