AWT2 0.11.05 – major technology update

Major update of AWT2 technology – 0.11.05

  • now the CLI encoder tool uses only a fraction of RAM it required earlier. The encoding is now done buffer-by-buffer, and the tool does not load the entire audio file into memory.
  • added support for a “compound payload”, i.e. a sequence of different payloads that are to be embedded at different time-locations within the audio stream. Each payload must be accompanied with the time where the payload should start. Such sequence must be of the following form: time_sec:hex_payload;time_sec:hex_payload;… No spaces are allowed in the compound payload, the semicolon “;” is used as a delimiter. The ‘time_sec’ can be a positive offset (in seconds) relative to the start of the file, or a negative offset relative to the end of file. You can use ‘void’ payload to designate bypass (no watermarking).
  • the decoder now consumes significantly less RAM in sliced analysis operation; can now process even shorter audios
  • improved non-standard WAV files support
  • various bugfixes


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