My name is Alex Radzishevsky, I am an inventor and developer of digital audio signal processing technologies. I established (.info) in 2009 as a technology provider offering proprietary audio watermarking and acoustic fingerprinting solutions.

My patented* audio watermarking approach differs from traditional methods such as spread spectrum and echo hiding, offering efficient, robust, and imperceptible watermarking of audio signals at high data rates. I've developed three watermarking solutions based on this invention.

Additionally, I hold a patent* for a novel acoustic fingerprinting technique that enables my audio fingerprinting software to have high scalability, speed, and robustness.

I license these core technologies for use in various areas and applications related to audio and sound, such as digital delivery of audio and music, audio authenticity, proof of authorship/ownership, music recognition, protection pf sensitive audio, airplay monitoring, interactive and event-based experiences, over-the-air signaling, and second-screen synchronization.

A list of my patents and white papers can be found here.

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