AFT overview

Audio Fingerprinting Tools (AFT) is a proprietary patented* acoustic fingerprinting (hashing) solution enabling reliable acoustic matching, comparison and identification of audio by means of very compact, highly representative and resistant fingerprints.

AFT highlights:

- industrial grade acoustic fingerprinting performance providing:
    · robust and compact fingerprints
    · real-time hashing
    · on-the-fly DB updates
    · instant search over huge DB (with millions of tracks)
    · easily scalable DB
- live stream and file tools
- comprehensive client-server (TCP/IP) functionality
- multi-threaded
- cross-platform software (Windows, Linux, Mac OS, embedded)
- console tools for easy automation and quick deployment on servers
- tools for acoustic matching and identification via DB
- dedicated acoustic comparator (de-duplicator) tool
- SDK available
- unique, proprietary, patented* technology and algorithm
- evaluation package available upon request
- (optional) multi-million world music fingerprint database

Details and a demo of the technology are available upon request.

AFT can be licensed with or without a multi-million world music fingerprint database.

AFT applications

AFT is a universal, scalable and flexible acoustic fingerprinting and matching solution addressing different applications and use-cases from the following areas:

  • Music recognition in live broadcasts or files
  • Monitoring of airplay (e.g. commercials, music, etc.)
  • Acoustic de-duplication
  • Live channel detection

How to evaluate

Evaluation (demo) version of AFT for all major desktop, server and mobile platforms is available upon request.

All packages contain command line (terminal) tools (acoustic hasher, recognition server, client, data-base manager, de-duplicator), a detailed technology manual and a set of illustrative examples. If you are interested in integrating AFT into your software, you can use AFT SDK, which is available for all major desktop, server and mobile platforms upon request.

Music recognition in the web

We offer a completely free music recognition service at - FREE music recognition robot is a free music recognition robot offering its service as a web-application and via API. AudioTag can be used commercially. Check it out at

Licensing and information inquiries

Please send your inquiries to the following e-mail address:



Updated: July 15, 2024
latest AFT version: 0.03.00