AWT4 overview

Audio Watermarking Tools 4 (AWT4) is an audio triggering, signaling and watermarking solution providing time-precise "digital stamping" with high data rate. Allows placing/extracting capacious digital codes in audio streams at precise time places to trigger time- and data-specific events with high timing accuracy (~30ms).

Check how AWT4 features and functionality compare to other products from the AWT family.

Details and demo of the technology are available upon request.

AWT4 applications

AWT4 is a universal, scalable and flexible data-hiding solution addressing different applications and use-cases from the following areas:

  • Audio authenticity and proof of authorship & ownership
  • Monitoring of airplay (e.g. commercials, music, etc.)
  • Interactive and event-based experiences, signaling and second screen sync over sound

How to evaluate

Evaluation (demo) version of AWT4 for all major desktop, server and mobile platforms is available upon request.

All packages contain command-line (terminal) encoder, decoder, detailed technology manual and illustrative examples. If you are interested in integrating AWT4 into your software, you can use AWT4 SDK, which is available for all major desktop, server and mobile platforms upon request.

Licensing and information inquiries

Please send your inquiries to the following e-mail address:



Updated: September 15, 2015
latest AWT4 version: 0.01.061