AWT5 overview

Audio Watermarking Tools 5 (AWT5) is a proprietary patented* audio trigger and watermarking solution specially designed for reliable far-field over-the-air digital signaling. AWT5 applications include "second screen" synchronization, interactivity and interaction via sound, "kick-shopping", distant triggering, events initiation, and other applications implying transmission of digital codes over-the-air by means of acoustic sound waves. AWT5 can also be used for forensic watermarking purposes. AWT5 is based on a unique and fully proprietary technique of hiding data inside acoustic audio content. AWT5 codes reliably withstand transmission over the air (from loudspeakers to microphone), lossy audio coding (e.g. MP3, Youtube), transmission over FM and TV, and heavy room reverberations (e.g. living rooms, halls). AWT5 triggering occurs with high timing accuracy. AWT5 replaces AWT2 in applications requiring reliable over-the-air detection.

Check how AWT5 features and functionality compare to other products from the AWT family.

AWT5 highlights:

- industrial grade watermarking performance providing:
    · robust watermarks designed to survive transmission over-the-air + lossy audio coding
    · withstand real-world room reverberation (large living rooms, halls)
    · high timing accuracy (within 150ms)
    · low latency encoding
- time-accurate event triggering
- device time synchronization by means of audio stream timestamping
- unique, proprietary technology
- flexibly configurable algorithm
- multi-layer (multi-stage) watermarking support
- cross-platform software (PC Windows, Linux, Mac OS, ARM, iOS, Android, WebAssembly/WASM ...)
- console tools for easy automation and quick deployment on servers
- low latency real-time stream encoding and decoding in console/terminal
- detailed documentation with examples and tips
- extensive CLI tools with real-time encoding & decoding capabilities
- SDK available
    · cross-platform
    · thread-safe
- free evaluation package (no risk, no obligations)

Details and demo (including Android app allowing to detect watermarks over-the-air) are available upon request.

AWT5 applications

AWT5 is a universal, scalable and flexible data-hiding solution addressing different applications and use-cases from the following areas:

  • Digital licensing and digital delivery for audio & music distribution, selling audiobooks, music promo sharing, etc.
  • Monitoring of airplay (e.g. commercials, music, etc.) playing on TV, FM radio, etc.
  • Interactive and event-based experiences, signaling and second screen synchronization via sound in the audible frequency range and using ultrasonic spectrum. 
  • Device time synchronization by means of timestamps embedded into audio stream 

How to evaluate

Evaluation (demo) version of AWT5 for all major desktop, server and mobile platforms is available upon request.

All packages contain command-line (terminal) encoder, decoder, detailed technology manual and illustrative examples. If you are interested in integrating AWT5 into your software, you can use AWT5 SDK, which is available for all major desktop, server and mobile platforms upon request.

Licensing and information inquiries

Please send your inquiries to the following e-mail address:



Updated: April 18, 2024
latest AWT5 version: 0.03.01