Audio Watermarking Tools 2 (AWT2) is flagship solution in the AWT products family. AWT2 a set of software utilities for embedding (and retrieving) digital watermarks carrying arbitrary digital data within (from) audio files and streams. AWT2 uses proprietary patented* technology to imperceptibly embed watermarks directly into the audio content so that they cannot be removed without damaging the original audio quality. The tools are distributed as a package of GUI and console utilities running on Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/XP/NT/2000/Server, Apple Mac OS X and Linux/*nix Intel and ARM systems. AWT2 SDK is available for all major desktop and mobile platforms.

AWT2 implements so called "blind watermarking" approach in the sense that the watermark can be extracted directly from the watermarked audio recording (so that the source audio is not needed).

AWT2 highlights:

- free evaluation package (no risk, no obligations)
- cross-platform software (PC Windows, Linux, Mac OS, ARM...)
- intuitive GUI front-end with drag-and-drop support
- console tools for easy automation and quick deployment on servers
- detailed documentation with examples and tips
- flexibly configurable algorithm
- industrial grade watermarking performance providing:
    · truly robust watermarks
    · very high watermarking data rate
- unique, proprietary, patented technology
- dual-layer watermarking support
- SDK available
    · cross-platform
    · fully thread-safe
    · with true real-time audio stream encoding functionality
    · runs on Raspberry and more
- individual customer support
- fair pricing
- free supplementary Android app (read more...)

AWT2 performance highlights:

AWT2 watermarks are inaudible and highly robust, surviving low bitrate transcoding with lossy coders, mixing, effect processing, acoustic coupling (transducing via air) and time stretching. Check examples section.
AWT2 offers unprecedentedly high watermarking data rate up to 125 bps (i.e. more than 16 bytes in one second of audio); watermark payloads up to 120 bytes long are supported.

AWT2 brings reliable watermarking to your business. AWT2 protects your rights by ensuring that your watermark is detectable (only by you!) in any copy of your audio materials transmitted or broadcasted anywhere.

You can request AWT2 evaluation package here.

Upon request, AWT2 can be supplied with an optional AWT2 Watermark Listener - an Android application that lets you use your portable Android device (phone, tablet) to detect digital watermarks in the audio content processed with AWT2 technology. Details...


AWT2 screen-shots

Here are screen-shots of AWT2 GUI tool and console applications for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (Ubuntu). You can click on small images below to see full screen-shots:


AWT2 GUI tool is available for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X and Linux (Gentoo, OpenSuse, Ubuntu) platforms. It comes with drag'n'drop support.
Console AWT2 encoder and decoder are available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and FreeBSD. Other platforms can be supported upon request.

What it does and who it is for

AWT2 is a universal, scalable and flexible solution addressing different application and use-cases. AWT2 targets individual musicians, composers, music authors and music owners, audio recording, mastering and production studios, on-line music stores, broadcasting companies and other small and medium sized businesses. Here are some of the most common AWT2 applications:

  • content signing and ownership ascertainment
    - audio content is marked with a special digital signature stating ownership
    [ relevant for audio content authors and owners such as recording labels and studios ]
  • copy protection and monitoring
    - each recipient gets his own copy of an audio material watermarked with unique signature
    [ relevant for music web-stores, broadcasting companies, FM radio stations, content distributors ]
  • signaling and triggering via audio
    - varying binary identifiers (triggers) are embedded into audio stream by a transmitter (live or by pre-processing) to trigger events on the receiving side
    [ relevant for broadcasting companies, monitoring and license ascertaining services ]

How to evaluate

Evaluation (demo) version of AWT2 can be requested here:

AWT2 for Windows

AWT2 for Mac OS

AWT2 for Linux

All packages contain encoder (demo version), decoder, GUI application, descriptive User Guide (PDF), example batch files. You may also want to look at the full changes log of AWT2 package releases.

AWT2 can be compiled for any platform not listed above. If you are interested in integration of AWT2 into your software, you can use AWT2 SDK, which is available for all major desktop, server and mobile platforms upon request.

The demo version of the encoder has limited functionality: the only permitted watermarks that can be embedded into audio stream are: 0x12, 0x56 (1 byte), 0x7890, 0x9876 (2 bytes), 0xABCDEF12, 0x12345678 (4 bytes), 0x112233445566 (6 bytes), 0x1122334455667788 (8 bytes) and 0x001122334455667788990011...8899 (40 bytes). This is quite strict limitation, however it offers enough flexibility to perform a variety of performance tests so that you can decide whether AWT2 suits your needs or not before buying fully functional version. If this limitation seems to you too strict and you wish to test the package with other watermarks, please feel free to contact AWT2 author by e-mail.

How to buy

Please, refer to this page to purchase AWT2

Contact information

Please send your inquiries to the following e-mail address:

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(*) This watermarking technology is patented, U.S. Patent No. 8,116,514



Updated: October 10, 2018
latest AWT2 version: 0.13.00